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Wireless and Internet Best Practices

Rockstar Bingo is the leading paperless Music Bingo platform used by hosts all over to deliver amazing entertainment experiences in bars, pubs, schools, conferences, etc. Rockstar Bingo can help your venue get bums in seats and keep them there.

Being paperless, Rockstar Bingo does require some care put towards ensuring the venue in which the game is hosted has reliable Internet (typically Wireless) for both the players and the host.

This video is broken into a few parts:
A brief introduction to Rockstar Bingo and what makes it tick
A quick summary of tools to test for good/reliable Internet and Wi-Fi at the location hosting games
More details/background if you wish to keep watching

Tools mentioned in the video:
Speedtest -
Internet Connection Monitor (Chrome Extension) -

Updated on: 21/12/2022

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