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Spotify Is Not Loading/The Loading Wheel Keeps Turning and Cannot Start Game

If Spotify is stuck on loading and will not even move on into the game, you can click the disconnect from Spotify link that should be on screen, continue in the game not connected to Spotify, then connect via Playback Settings in your Game Settings Menu (the wheel at the top right). That tends to wake Spotify up and clear whatever is hanging on their server. At worst you may have to end the game, try the same steps again.

We know this last tip feels less scientific and more like "blowing into the Nintendo Cartridge to get the game to work" but just like blowing into the cartridge, it does work. This is an occasional error on the Spotify Server side, and it is either getting stuck on some cache on your computer or timing out on their end.

Updated on: 20/04/2024

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