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Troubleshooting Spotify Connections

If you are having trouble connecting with Spotify, here are a few things to try:

Ensure Spotify is 'premium' (paid account, free versions don't work as they close off 3rd party connectivity)
If you open another browser tab, can you see your Spotify account (access it?) - just to confirm you can connect to it
For playback, we always recommend having Spotify installed as an app and run it from there vs the browser

If all of the above are true, there might be a caching issue with your browser.
We then recommend:

Log out of Rockstar Bingo (this will also close your Spotify connection)
Clear your browser history and close your browser
Go back to and login as a host (fresh) and then try to connect to Spotify again

One of those is almost always the trick, unless your machine is on a network (a business behind a firewall) where Spotify might be blocked. If that is the case (and it should be obvious as you won't be able to use Spotify by itself either), contact your network administrator.

We also HIGHLY RECOMMEND creating a dedicated browser profile for hosting your Rockstar Bingo games. You can learn more about that in the video below.
How to create a dedicated hosting browser profile

Updated on: 21/12/2022

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