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Troubleshooting Spotify Connections

Do not ask for human assistance in chat before trying these steps or THIS STEP! We are going to make sure you did both beforehand, issues with Spotify are always rooted in a communication error from YOUR device to Spotify either due to poor signal or an error when connecting to the server, or Spotify's Server being down which we cannot control. Rockstar Bingo is only a passthrough to Spotify.

If you are having trouble connecting with Spotify, here are a few things to try:

Ensure Spotify is 'premium' (paid account, free versions don't work as they close off 3rd party connectivity)
If you open another browser tab, can you see your Spotify account (access it?) - just to confirm you can connect to it and it is the same one that you are logging in to with Rockstar Bingo (Trust us, this happens with shared computers a lot).
Always play a song to make sure everything is connected and working.

If all of the above are true, there might be a caching issue with your browser.
We then recommend:

Log out of Rockstar Bingo (this will also close your Spotify connection)
Clear your browser history and close your browser
Go back to and login as a host (fresh) and then try to connect to Spotify again

If the loading wheel keeps turning...

If Spotify is stuck on loading and will not even move on into the game, you can click the disconnect from spotify button, continue in the game not connected to Spotify, then connect via Playback Settings in your Game Settings Menu (the wheel at the top right). That tends to wake spotify up and clear whatever is hanging on their server. At worst you may have to end the game, try the same steps again.

We know this last tip feels less scientific and more like "blowing into the Nintendo Cartridge to get the game to work" but just like blowing into the cartridge, it does work. This is an occasional error on the Spotify Server side, and it is either getting stuck on some cache on your computer or timing out on their end.

One of those is almost always the trick, unless your machine is on a network (a business behind a firewall) where Spotify might be blocked. If that is the case (and it should be obvious as you won't be able to use Spotify by itself either), contact your network administrator.

We also HIGHLY RECOMMEND creating a dedicated browser profile for hosting your Rockstar Bingo games. You can learn more about that in the video below.
How to create a dedicated hosting browser profile

Updated on: 20/04/2024

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