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I am having issues with Spotify Playback?

If someone is having issues with music playback via Spotify there are a few questions to ask.

Are you using a Spotify Premium account? - If not, then it will not work, Rockstar Bingo requires a Spotify Premium account that is not being shared while in use to allow music playback.

Did you connect to your Spotify account? - If not you can do that on the main screen or when creating a game.

Is anyone else using your Spotify account? - If you've shared your account or login, or someone is using your music through a skill at your smarthome, that will interfere with playback. Make sure in Spotify that your device for playback is the only one connected with it during the game.

Do you have premium, and you are the only one using the account and are still getting the same message? - If yes, then log out of Rockstar Bingo, clear the cache on your browser, then login again and reconnect Spotify. This has solved any remaining issues.

For help with clearing cache you can go to:

Updated on: 05/09/2023

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