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What elements and services make up a Rockstar Bingo game?

Rockstar Bingo is a platform for enabling hosts to deliver music bingo games just about anywhere. There are services and things that we can control here at Rockstar Bingo and then there are things that the hosts or other services can control. This article aims to clarify the things a host may need to think about for delivering a successful music bingo game at a venue.

Rockstar Bingo - Rockstar Bingo, the platform itself is something that we build, test and distribute directly here at Rockstar Antics. We take great care and caution when rolling out new features or performing maintenance. This is the one thing we can control for your experience
Spotify - While you don't need to use Spotify to run a successful bingo game (you can manually control your own music sources and simply use our platform for generating games and cards), it is a very popular choice as we've been able to incorporate many valuable features including game creation and music playback. If Spotify is having issues (service down on Internet), we cannot help with this. Typically outages are very rare but having a backup plan for when/if Spotify happens to be down during your event is something to consider.
Internet and Wi-Fi - This one should seem obvious but for clarity, Rockstar Bingo is an Internet based, web based platform for delivering great games. If your location has unreliable (slow, patchy/sketchy) Wireless and/or Internet, you will feel pain. Always test the connectivity at your location before starting games.

Updated on: 22/05/2022

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