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Using Rockstar Bingo on Corporate workstations

This is a very specific article but it needs to be provided as there are situations and conditions that we cannot control in some corporate/work environments that can limit your success at playing Rockstar Bingo. We pride ourselves on the platform we have built and if you have a working (without blocks) Internet connection and a browser (without settings overridden), Rockstar Bingo will work great. Home and personal computers will breeze through things.

However, we do have customers signing up for Rockstar Bingo from corporate environments as they would like to use the platform for Zoom, Teams, Webex events. While this is great and we love serving all customers, it is important to recognize that work machines often have barriers to success with non-corporate approved applications and services.

Work computers can be a different story and we'll try and help folks here with this article for things to check out/liaise with their IT departments because that is likely where the core problems exist:
Work PC's are often locked down and do not allow installing of 3rd party software. Rockstar Bingo is a web app so this isn't a limitation for us. However, if you are going to use Spotify and don't already have it installed on your work PC or MAC, you may need permission (elevation of admin privileges) from your IT Department before you can use Spotify.
Some work networks (Internet) block connectivity to certain sites and services so that they can keep their staff 'focused' on their jobs and not on playing games or using entertainment services. There is a good chance Rockstar Bingo won't be blocked at your organization. However, Spotify (or the Spotify API) may be blocked (you may be able to visit the Spotify website, but you might find you can't create a connection between Rockstar Bingo and Spotify, on a work PC, due to the upstream manipulation of traffic).

Updated on: 12/07/2022

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