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How to use and save a Spotify playlist for your bingo game

Using a playlist from Spotify for your music bingo game is not a daunting task. But when starting out, it can be tough if you are not familiar with the process. Read on and find out how you can create a music bingo game with a Spotify playlist. It takes just a few clicks to create Spotify music bingo!

To add a playlist to your Rockstar Bingo playlist library:

Use Spotify to search for your preferred music genre playlist in the search bar.
Click on the playlist, and it will come up with a heart-like button.
Press the heart button to like and save it to your library.
The playlist will now appear automatically on your Rockstar Bingo account if it has 75 songs or more.

Or watch our video tutorial below:

Updated on: 15/12/2022

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