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How to keep order and set start times on a playlist

The best way to do this is within your Rockstar Bingo account and ‘**create a custom playlist**’.

Then, import the playlist you have created from Spotify by connecting your Spotify account and ensuring that you have created or ‘saved’ the playlist you want. The playlist must have 75 songs or more in it to work.

Next, tick the box ‘**Maintain playlist order when creating games’** and this will allow you to drag and drop the songs into the order you would like and keep this order.

You can amend the start times by entering the time you want the song to start under the ‘**start**’ column.

Ensure you save changes before exiting the custom playlist.

Then as long as you select this custom playlist during your music bingo game, this will allow you to use the start times, ordered playlist etc.

Updated on: 28/03/2022

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