If you are looking to incorporate videos into your music bingo game, meet the Jumbotron. Jumbotron creates an all in one entertainment screen for your music bingo game. Bringing together a video, game code and the last three songs played, this is a great visual asset to have in your venue alongside your Rockstar Bingo game.

Jumbotron allows you to choose individual videos to be played with individual songs, or choose one default video which plays throughout your music bingo game.

Check out our blog to find out how to use the Jumbotron, step by step - https://rockstar.bingo/blog/music-video-bingo-jumbotron

Or take a look at our video walking through testing stages of the Jumbotron - https://youtu.be/9PnCSxrlCNA

Here are some ready to go video backgrounds for your shows:

1 hour pop music video mashup - https://youtu.be/xsMaE-x8qxU
70s music video compilation - https://youtu.be/HWsUOUR6c2c
Dancing robot, 2 hour video - https://youtu.be/7rmQbxDjsmI

Note: when choosing a video to play in the background from Vimeo or YouTube, keep in mind that if you don't have a paid subscription with those services, you may find yourself with advertising and other annoyances playing in the background.
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