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If I don't plan on using Spotify, how do I play music for my guests?

If you choose not to use Spotify, then you provide the music via your favourite means (Apple music, YouTube, Tidal, MP3 - we even have some folks using LP’s and some bands even does it live - Check out Rockstar Nights, where Rockstar Bingo first started!

Rockstar Bingo’s primary purpose is to provide the host and player experience of making really simple bingo cards and the ‘call bingo’ experience. With Spotify, we connect to your account and operate the ‘play/next’ button for you. But if you don’t want to use Spotify, then you become responsible for providing/finding/playing the music - you would search up each track as you are playing and play it for your guests.

Spotify is definitely easier and in the future, we are considering adding other music services, probably starting with Apple Music and YouTube. Some hosts also use the Spotify integration to ‘build’ their games/setlists but still use an alternate music source for the delivery. For example, Spotify doesn’t give us the ability to control volume programmatically, so we can’t gracefully fade in/out tunes, but a host with their own setup and songs could do that with their mixing console (or pre-groomed music tracks). Hope that helps!

Updated on: 16/05/2022

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