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Custom branding settings in Pro accounts

One of the benefits of a Pro Rockstar Bingo subscription is the ability to add elements of your brand.

This includes:

Uploading a custom image to show on some screens including your custom join screen, the player waiting screen, post game screen and Jumbotron. By adding your logo it replaces the Rockstar bingo logo on all player facing aspects. More on Jumbotron here.

*Setting a "call to action" on some screens including a heading, button label and a URL for the button to redirect folks to more of your content, or even get yourself tips!! (Click here on how to set the call to action to earn tips).

Pro Tip for Image Resizing
The best images are square (and not too big), the width and height dimensions are the same (e.g. 600x600px). If you upload non-square images, they will get stretched/skewed.

Updated on: 12/06/2024

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