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Manual Bingo Verification (Disable Bingo Verification)

What it is

You have the option to manually verify bingos as of April 13, 2022. This means that your Rockstar Bingo game can either validate bingos for you or YOU can validate bingos - this means it will be down to you to check if a player has got a bingo (and in many cases, this is a desirable thing).

This means that you will be able to create custom targets such as a cross or initial of someone's name, and check if someone has got the bingo manually.

How it works

You will still be able to view a player's card via Rockstar Bingo settings, but when somebody calls bingo, it will be down for you to manually check that the player has reached the target.

Tips and tricks for hosts

Get creative with your targets! Why not offer something different or fun such as initials, shapes, every other box etc. Or, if you have extra prizes to give away, why not prize someone that gets 3 songs on their card, no matter where it is on the card? This is possible, if you switch your game to manual bingo verification.

Hosts only see the cards when a bingo is called and manual mode is on. If auto is on, you will just see the result banner.

Hosts can mark squares correct via manual verification (marked squares will turn green).

Note: at this time, when you turn on manual bingo verification, the "targets" option will disappear, for that game. We were so eager to get this feature out there, that we figured this is just fine. But we do plan on finding a way for you to choose/display your targets AND still do manual verification, in the future. Our little elves are working on it... :

Updated on: 21/04/2022

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