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How does the Scoreboard work?

How does the Scoreboard work?

The scoreboard is an option that we added to Rockstar Bingo that allows players and the hosts to see who has had a verified bingo within a game. This is useful for when playing a game with multiple targets.

For example, you start a game with one line being the first target. After a player gets a bingo and hits the target, then you as the host change it to another target rather than ending the game. Some go to 2 lines any direction, some go to 3 lines. After that winner is called, their name is added to the scoreboard, or if it is the same player at adds another point to their score. This is useful when giving out prizes for most wins in a game or to just use as fun information to use for crowd work.

Scores from one game cannot be carried over to another game, this really is only helpful when playing multiple targets within a single game/playlist. Also take note that your games may default to no scoreboard, to activate them go to the game setup screen in game.

Updated on: 03/11/2023

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