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How do I manually verify my bingo cards?

Manually verifying music bingo cards is possible with Rockstar Bingo and depending on your game circumstances, may be a more creative option!

You can turn on the option to manually verify music bingo cards within settings.

This will disable the "Targets" feature, so players should not see the initial target choice or have the target footer button on their card. This means you can choose any shape or pattern of choice and manually verify any 'called bingo'.

This allows you to get imaginative with targets such as 'martini cup', 'first name initial', 'every other square' etc.

Hosts only see the cards when a bingo is called and manual mode is on. If auto is on, you will just see the result banner.

Hosts can mark squares correct via manual verification (marked squares will turn green).

Updated on: 04/07/2022

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