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How can I create a custom URL joining link for my bingo game?

The Custom Join screen/URL is for Pro hosts that want to have a dedicated URL they can point QR codes and other materials at. You can add your logo, a button and text for calls to action but more importantly, have a dedicated URL for your stuff so you can make one QR code and use it everywhere, etc.

In the main settings (cog in the top right), you’ll find branding settings and custom URL

The custom branding plays into it (you can upload your logo, etc. hint: make sure your logo image is square (equal width and height) but also in there is the custom URL that you will reserve (i.e. if you change it, you’d give up your previous URL)

If this is for a particular venue, you might want to call it BUT if you are an independent host (you offer music bingo as a service to multiple locations), you’ll want to name it after your company or something more generic (

You can find a video tutorial of how to create your own Custom URL for your bingo joining link here on our YouTube channel:

Updated on: 04/07/2022

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