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Best Practice - Hosting Devices

We will continue to improve the content on this page to help hosts avoid common hosting challenges they may face by choosing the wrong devices or settings to host Rockstar Bingo games.

While players of Rockstar Bingo should be able to bring any modern device with a web browser to games (so phones or tablets made in the last 3 or more years), hosting the games as a professional, you'll want to bring the ideal device and environment for your success.

Rockstar Bingo itself works great on any web based device - phone, tablet, PC or MAC. However, it is very important that when you introduce Spotify into this equation (Spotify is a 3rd party service and not one we can control or tweak) other limitations may present themselves.

We recommend hosts use a PC or MAC when hosting Rockstar Bingo games with Spotify connections. Yep, we had to bold that one. Here's why. A PC or MAC is a multi-threaded, multi-tasking computer and can move between applications (in this case, your browser and the Spotify app). One of the reasons why we don't hear about phones or tablets getting viruses is that they run in a very simplified/containerized manner which means only the foreground application gets priority. So as you switch between browser and another app (say, Spotify), these apps go to sleep very quickly. In the Rockstar Bingo world, this results in 'lost connections' with Spotify. So we strongly encourage you to avoid doing this. Always use a PC or MAC if you are hosting Rockstar Bingo games and wanting to use Spotify as your music source.

Updated on: 08/07/2022

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