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Rockstar Bingo Plans and Pricing

Rockstar Bingo is available in 3 plans


The Pro Subscription is our premium offering and focus, for the serious host delivering the best possible experience. Our mission at Rockstar Bingo is to “empower great hosts” and pro is where it happens. All of the features a professional host will want can be found in this subscription including branding, customization and options for different types of games. Pro subscriptions start at a minimum of 20 players.

Pricing is per audience member, per month. So if your maximum intended audience size for an event/gathering/location is 80 players, you will want an 80 player plan. Higher volume licenses (100 and above) can see volume discounts. Paying for a license on an annual basis will also bring you a 20% discount*.

Pro subscription Pricing (Price per player):

For the first 1 to 100 players - $2.00 per player

For the next 101 to 150 players - $1.75 per player

For the next 151 to 200 players - $1.50 per player

For 201 or more players - $1.00 per player
Please email for 500 players or more

You can go to to see our pricing tool to know exactly how much any license would be up to 500. Keep in mind the toggle defaults to annual pricing.


The Free Subscription is for taking the platform out for a spin or for small family gatherings and campfires, up to a maximum of 5 players. It is not a full representation of the product and should not be used as a trial of the product. Cancelled subscriptions revert to the free plan so you can keep your settings and return later to host again.

For a more detailed overview of the plans and how to choose the right subscription, check out our post here: What is the right Music Bingo Subscription for me?


Updated on: 27/03/2024

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