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Can I use Rockstar Bingo for my fundraiser?

Yep. Rockstar Bingo is perfect for fundraising events, getting folks together for some fun and prizing. As fundraisers are typically one-off events, we recommend simply signing up for Rockstar Bingo Pro, choose Monthly, choose your estimated number of players and then simply cancel after your event. Your card would no longer be charged and you could always return and use the game again. When you sign-up, you are signing for a month (or a year) and your subscription is good until that month (or year) passes. So you can cancel immediately after signing up (no need to create a reminder in your calendar to cancel). This way too, you can play more games of Rockstar Bingo with your friends, colleagues, etc. and get the most out of your short term subscription.

If you are looking for more information on hosting music bingo for your fundraiser, check out this article we recently published: How to Host a Music Bingo Fundraiser Game – Live or Virtual Fundraiser Ideas

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Updated on: 20/09/2021

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