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Rockstar Bingo Plans

Rockstar Bingo is available in 3 different subscriptions:
Pro - for the serious host delivering the best possible experience. All of the features a professional host will want can be found in this subscription including branding, customization and options for different types of games. Pricing is per audience member, per month. So if your maximum intended audience size in a month is 100 players, you will want a 100 player plan
Premium - for casual/recreational hosts at small parties and events, up to a maximum of 30 players
Free - for taking the platform out for a spin, for families and for campfires, up to a maximum of 6 players

For current pricing and what is included in each plan, be sure to visit our pricing page: Rockstar Bingo pricing page

For a more detailed overview of the plans and how to choose the right subscription, check out our post here: What is the right Music Bingo Subscription for me?

Updated on: 20/09/2021

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