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What is Sidekick View?

What is Sidekick View?

Sidekick View is a feature within Rockstar Bingo that lets you delegate responsibilities while hosting a game. By generating a link, you can provide another person with the ability to manage the lobby, allowing you to focus solely on hosting. But that's not all! Sidekick View provides real-time updates on the current playlist, shows the songs that have already been played, and even displays the lyrics of the songs when available via Spotify.

Key Features

Lobby Management: Enables a second person to help manage the lobby, making it easier to host larger events.

Playlist Tracking: See in real-time where a song is in the playlist and what has been played, aiding with the flow of the game.

Lyric Availability: Access song lyrics in real-time when provided by Spotify, useful for cover bands to keep track of lyrics.

Who Can Benefit?

Large Event Hosts: If you're hosting a large-scale event where you can't manage the lobby and host the game simultaneously, Sidekick View allows you to divide and conquer!

Cover Bands: Bands can see the current song, its lyrics, and what's coming up next, ensuring they stay on track and deliver a seamless performance.

Updated on: 31/10/2023

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