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How to use the Jumbotron

How to use the Jumbotron: 

Log into your Rockstar Bingo Pro account and either create a custom playlist or press the Edit Playlist hyperlink in the custom music bingo playlist section. It is important that you create a custom playlist as this is the only area where you can add videos, the premade videos cannot be edited.

If creating a playlist, skip this step. If you are editing a playlist, choose the playlist that you want to add or change the videos for.

Click the Edit Details hyperlink in the upper left corner of the playlist, a popup will occur allowing you to make changes (see below).

For the default video select a video from YouTube that would cover the duration of your game as a default video, or choose a video that would play well on loop. This could be used for the duration of your game or as a back-up video in case you don’t select a singular video for one song.

Copy the video URL and paste into the ‘Default Video’ text box. This video will play all the time on your display unless you chose a video for a dedicated song.

If you want to have a certain video playing when a new song plays, first, find the video on YouTube, Vimeo, or other video hosting sites.

Then while editing the playlist click on the song you'd like to add a video to. Then paste the video URL in the box labeled Video (See Below.

Then press the "Save" button and close the pop-up, and when done with your changes in your playlist, press the "Save Changes" button at the bottom before exiting out.

To pull up the Jumbotron view you need to start a game, the Jumbotron is independent of all game settings, so do not worry while setting up the game. While in the game go to game settings shown below.

Then copy the Jumbotron link (see below) and paste it in a browser to bring up the jumbotron. Pro tip - that link does not change for your account, bookmarking it can go a long way.

If you click on the Jumbotron you can access more settings to fine tune the experience. Note the option at the bottom in regards to QR codes, that allows the whole screen to be covered by the QR code to join, this helps when using a smaller tv or just one for a whole room.

To see our video tutorial of how the Jumbotron works and our first music video bingo test, watch here:  

Rockstar Bingo - Jumbotron 2024

Note that the 3 previously played songs will always be shown on top of the video you have selected to play. In the bottom left-hand corner, the last 3 songs that were played in the music bingo playlist will continually update, so when one song finishes, it will automatically be added. 

It is suggested that to get the most out of the Jumbotron feature, you have a YouTube Premium account where there are no advertisements displayed before, during and after videos. Alternatively, finding videos on Vimeo will ensure that there are no advertisements between background music videos for music bingo games. 

You can find the links for both the pregame video and default video below:

Rockstar Bingo Jumbotron Default Video

Rockstar Bingo Jumbotron Pre-game Video

Updated on: 29/03/2024

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