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Is Rockstar Bingo just for bars and pubs?

Nope. While bars and pubs are an obvious choice for singing along with friends while having a frosty beverage, Rockstar Bingo (Music Bingo) can be enjoyed all over the place. We have customers already using the platform in several places including:
Radio Stations - both commercial and universities (just please don't host games during the morning commute - learn more hosting Music Bingo on Radio
Movie Theatres and Drive-Ins - Yep, you can make use of an empty movie theatre (screen, speakers and chairs - you're all set!) or make use of the game while patrons wait for the show to start. The same goes for Drive-In movie theatres that are making a resurgence - learn more about hosting Music Bingo at Theatres
Fundraisers - Host fundraisers online on in person - learn more about using Music Bingo at your next fundraiser
Sporting Events - Music Bingo works at sporting events too! Before the game, during the game, intermissions, you name it! Every venue has speakers so you're already equipped to start! Whether it be basketball, baseball, football, hockey, soccer or underwater basket weaving!

Updated on: 20/09/2021

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