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Is Rockstar Bingo and Numbers Bingo Legal?

Is Rockstar Bingo and Numbers Bingo Legal?

Absolutely! You can enjoy the benefits of Rockstar Bingo where the use of bingo-related software is permitted by law. Just as some laws can be quite specific and unique to certain locales—think of the unusual ordinance against taking a bite from someone else’s hamburger in Chicago—it's important to understand your local regulations.

Rockstar Bingo is designed to offer an innovative approach to Music Bingo and traditional bingo games without the need for physical balls, paper, daubers, or cards. We provide a platform for entertainment purposes and do not support or promote the commercialization of our games. Before subscribing, please ensure you review the local, state, and federal laws as ignorance of these does not warrant a subscription cancellation with a refund.

In terms of commercial licensing, Rockstar Bingo functions as a facilitator for Spotify. We do not broadcast music; instead, our service enables you to curate and manage playlists for use in Rockstar Bingo games. Think of Rockstar Bingo as a 'remote control' for Spotify, with the music streaming directly from Spotify to your audio setup. Therefore, licensing considerations should be directed towards your use of Spotify, not Rockstar Bingo.

While Spotify is our only integrated service, using it for musical playback in Rockstar Bingo is not mandatory. Should you seek a commercial music solution, Soundtrack Your Brand is an excellent business alternative that connects with Spotify and allows the use of your playlists with commercially licensed music.

**Our Stance on Monetization and Game Integrity**

To be clear, Rockstar Bingo is not in the business of collecting entry fees or handling funds for bingo games. Our platform is crafted to deliver a lawful entertainment experience, functioning as a tool similar to any other in a recreational context. We strictly dissociate from any use of our product for illicit gambling or unauthorized fundraising activities. It's also noteworthy that Rockstar Bingo views Music Bingo as a game of skill, reliant on song recognition abilities, whereas Numbers Bingo is regarded as a game of chance.

Updated on: 22/11/2023

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