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This article will be updated when there is a known outage affecting Rockstar Bingo's Operation


If there is an outage, we have you covered! Please visit our Apocalypse Mode heldesk article. You can find it by **clicking here**.

From our Terms of Service:

Service Availability: While we strive to ensure Rockstar Bingo is consistently available, certain aspects of our service rely on third-party platforms, including Google Cloud Services and Spotify. These dependencies mean that occasional outages beyond our control may occur. We do not guarantee uninterrupted service and are not liable for any downtime caused by these external platforms.

Customer Responsibilities: It is the responsibility of our customers, particularly hosts, to ensure they have a stable and robust wireless/internet connection and sound system at their event locations. Quality of internet and wireless services can significantly impact the functionality of Rockstar Bingo.

Account Management: Customers must maintain their Spotify and Rockstar Bingo accounts in good standing. Issues arising from account status or login problems with these services are beyond our control and responsibility.

No Financial Liability: Rockstar Bingo will not be held financially responsible for any disruptions or outages caused by failures in Google Cloud Services, Spotify, or any other third-party platforms. Our role does not extend to managing or maintaining these external services.

Backup Plans: We strongly advise our customers to have contingency plans, such as paper-based games or alternative activities, to address unexpected disruptions. This preparation ensures that your event can proceed smoothly, even in the face of technical challenges beyond our control.

Updated on: 28/11/2023

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